In this page there are many files of the activity of the organization can be downloaded or read on the site directly, to identify some of the activities that you can benefit from in the field of human rights and the culture of peace



Culture of Peace

The task of spreading our culture of peace is not easy: the culture of peace is the totality of the pattern of life, the different attitudes that make people respect their fellow human beings, the refusal to abuse them, the violence against them to use and to violate.


Human Rights

Human rights are true to all people, regardless of gender, skin color, language, religion, place of residence, ethnic or national origin or other issues. Everyone has the right to respect for their human rights and to be equally treated by all without discrimination.


Refugee Rights

A refugee is defined as any person who is outside his or her nationality due to a reasonable fear of persecution on grounds of race, religion, nationality, belonging to a particular social group or political opinion. This person has the same rights as any other person in the world because human rights are independent.

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